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What We Do at Office Express

What We Do....


Cartridge Recycling

We have a unique relationship with our customers - they're also our suppliers. In order to remanufacture printer and inkjet cartridges, we pay our customers for their empty cartridges. Whether you use our remanufactured products or continue to buy OEM products or continue to buy OEM products, you can participate in our cartridge recycling program. We'll pick up your empties at your site, at absolutely no cost to you. A rebate may be offered for empty cartridges which can be applied towards your next purchase.


Equipment Sales

Office Express, LLC is able to offer our customers the best printing equipment from the industry's most reputable companies, including Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Canon, Tektronix, Sharp, Brother and Fujitsu. Our sales staff can help you evaluate available products and select those machines that best meet your current and projected printing needs. Then we'll deliver your purchase free of charge.


We are an authorized Hewlett Packard dealer and have access to the largest dealer in Canada. Our inventory of printers and plotters exceeds $1.5 million. We also have in-stock inventory of refurbished Hewlett-Packard laser printers that are equipped with a 90-day complete warranty on parts.


Repair and Maintenance Services

Our service technicians have the training and the experience to fix your printers quickly and correctly, whether you're using a time-tested workhouse or the latest network marvel. Because the service is done at your office, you are spared additional and unnecessary down time, and pricing is cost effective. Your schedule is our schedule. We recommend annual professional maintenance for all laser printers. That's why we designer CARE-13, the 13-step service regiment that ensures optimum print quality, extended printer life and a substantial reduction in the incidence of printer malfunctions. Choose from two affordable programs. Our basic CARE-13 service involves a thorough printer cleaning and tune-up. As part of the service, we inspect your printer for worn or damaged parts that can be replaced (at your direction) before they cause problems. CARE PLUS-13 offers all the features o the basic program, plus an extra six-month printer cleaning. This close relationship is essential in order to develop the correct application of products, technologies, and services to satisfy the customer's requirements. Throughout a 2 year history, Office Express, LLC has sought to develop a long-term relationships with its customers and to contribute to the success of the customers' business.


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