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Office Express, LLC Price Match Guarantee

How does Office Express price match guarantee work?

If you find a lower price on a new, identical item, show us the lower price when you buy the item at Office Express and we will match it plus will discount it by 10% of the difference. If you purchase an item from one of our Sales Representatives and tell us with 14 days that you found that item at a lower price from one of our competitors or at officeexpressllc.com, we'll refund the difference.


Which competitors will Office Express price match?

Office Express will price match prices at select competitors' websites. The select competitors are Best Buy, Costco, Hewlett Packard, Staples, Office Depot, Quill, Wal-Mart, WB Mason and Xerox. Items must be sold and shipped by one of these competitors.



Office Express Price Match

Which items does Office Express price match?

Almost everything we sell. The item must be identical, including model number, components and U.S. warranty. The item must be in stock and available for purchase at that price from an authorized U.S. reseller, whose authorization we reserve the right to verify.


Are delivery charges included in the price match?

It will depend on whether your Office Express order received free shipping, and whether the competitor offers free shipping. If your Office Express order received free shipping and the competitor offers free shipping, we will price match the product without considering shipping charges.

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